Monday, February 7, 2011

I've got mail!

Look what turned up in my mail today. An 8 inch chef knife!

Gastro Chef has an annual contest for the whole month of December, prizes range from knives, wine holders, to sandwich boards. All products are designed in Denmark and made in the Philippines.

Everyday they give you a survey question to answer. There are no right and wrong answer, you just have to take the time to answer them.

Each question is worth one entry.

This year I won this gorgeous 8"chef knife with its Philippine Rosewood handle
I take my knives very personally, I need them to be durable, functionally sharp, and just the right weight in my hand.

I've seen knives bought from home shopping ads that have flimsy blade that bend on you when you slice.
Its all very dangerous when they bend and you get to slice your fingers instead of that carrot.

Gastro Chef Knives are very tough. They have a metal blade that runs all the way to the handle. The Blade is very thick and the knife puts just the right amount of weight in my hand.
I love it!

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