Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Salcedo Market find

We visited the Salcedo Market for the first time last Saturday. I was surprised at the variety of food they have.

This French/ European man is selling breakfast Galette. An order of buckwheat galette with gruyere cheese and home made sausage cost 130 pesos, and they give you a small portion of side salad with vinagrette for free. (But they ask you first- you have to say YES)
I didn't buy this Himalayan Crystal Salt, although I was a little fascinated with their pink color.

They have all these fresh seafood and I didn't bring my Coleman cooler! Shucks!

Look at all those Dairy products from Rizal Dairy Farms! http://rizaldairy.com/
I bought two of these Baguio strawberry packs for 60 pesos each. February must be strawberry season in Baguio. Can't have enough of it.
Its a good thing that we visited the market 2 days after the Chinese New Year. So we get to see some live dragon action!
I'm not a big fan of Tapang Usa. I tried it once and the flavor is so overwhelming. No, I can't have that
So here are my meager purchases. Strawberries, roasted sweet corn, meringue-for my kids (because they learned to spell them in school) and a French pistachio macaroon.
I loved the Pistachio macaroon. Its nutty, slightly sweet, has a firm texture and very buttery in the middle. Perfect!
I'm sure my macaroon will be perfect with these organic tea. Look at all those colors!


  1. I'm a sucker for weekend markets! The resto where I work part-time has a stall at Salcedo. It's called La Cocina de Tita Moning. It sells queso de bola spread, bread and butter pudding, fresh tomato sauces, vinaigrettes and a lot more goodies. :)

  2. Sobrang saya noh! The products in weekend markets are very fresh. You're sure they aren't sitting in a grocery aisle for a long time waiting for someone to buy them.


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