Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cha Misua- Happy Occasion Noodles

 We usually celebrate birthdays in the family not with cake or ice cream but with this traditional Chinese "happy dish"- Cha Misua. It is believed that eating Cha Misua on a happy occasion like engagement, wedding or birthdays brings luck and happy life to everyone.

 My misua recipe holds a particular fondness in my heart- it was my late grandma Teresa's recipe.  Nobody does it like her. I made a few changes in the ingredients, but the basic techniques are the way my grandma taught it to be. I got requests from friends to teach cha misua, but it was not meant to be. 

How can I give something that is not mine to give in the first place?

It was Brian's birthday on May 14 and , as usual, he requested for his share of cha misua. I made two boxes of misua and we ate them for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

I roast my own peanuts just because they turn out more crisp than store bought ones.
Cha misua are cooked stir fried in hot oil and broth and must be al dente, just like Italian pasta.  Anything soft and soggy are not meant for the table.  And because I can be a tad picky, I cook mine in no less than olive oil. :)


  1. Oh wow, that looks positively delicious! I don't think I've ever tasted that.

  2. @skysenshi- Chinese restaurants offer different versions of this dish. But homemade ones are usually better, they're done with lots of Love.

  3. Hi, can you please post how you cook the noodles? Ours always turn out sticky! Help!

  4. My first try with the noodles ended up raw, my second, it became too soft. It took me around 9 trys to make it perfect. But it is still different each time. Some days are better than others.
    tip: keep on trying


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