Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ICA batch '87 Cooking Class-day 4

Cooking to me has been a habit that is hard to break.  I would rather spend my weekend cooped up in the kitchen rather than go out malling.  Hitting the market is even more enjoyable than strolling in a commercial mall. 

So when I was tasked to teach 14 kids to cook 3 dishes as a fund raising event for our alma mater,  happy would be an understatement to me.  I've been ecstatic and  exhilarated.  I'd love to share this passion of mine to young mind and hope that someday they would feel the same way about cooking as (*maybe their Justin Bieber collection??) I do.

Here are the pictures I took of the event, when I did remember my camera. 

 After I explained that they have to be doing the recipes from start to finish,  Nina,one of  my enthusiastic student exclaimed " Wow! Just like Junior Master Chef !"  And proceeded to chop mushrooms for her assigned recipe- Fillet of Sole De Berci.

One of the students- Valerie found the salad spinner a "cool contraption"  and carried on spinning the machine without the lettuce. 

The 3 recipes we learned are Satsuma-age, Ceasar Salad and Fillet of Sole De Berci.

 They were taught how to plate their dishes.
Thank you parents for supporting our ICA batch '87 cooking class and hope you had fun!


  1. Galing you should do this every summer!

  2. @ PAM same here
    @ RO parang masarap i career :)


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