Thursday, December 15, 2011

BPI Real Thrills December 14 to January 31, 2012- Jollibee

So here's the much awaited Real Thrills for you BPI cardholders.

 In between their promo period we bought an ipod. :D

 Shucks! We should be feasting on a bucket of ChickenJoy right now.

Promo period covers December 14, 2011 to January 31, 2012.
Every 2000 purchase from your BPI credit card- 1pc Chickenjoy with rice or Chicken BBQ with rice

Every 6000 - 2 orders of 1 pc Chickenjoy or BBQ with rice and 2 orders of Regular Yum

Every 12,000- 6 pcs Chickenjoy or BBQ with 3 orders of Jolly Spaghetti

Ho Hum..I'm getting Bored with my BPI


  1. hay naku ..tnx naman at meron na ulet free.......

  2. andami ko purchases November 3 - December 13, hu hu hu. Thanks much for the info (",)

  3. Oo nga. It took too long a time for BPI to produce another promo. Same restaurant din naman. :(

  4. Wala na bang iba kundi Jollibee ulit? Err.. :((

  5. Bakit ba pataas ng pataas purchase requirement! Tapos may period na walang offer!!!

  6. Wow, searched Google for BPI Real Thrills December 2012 and your blog came up first!


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