Friday, January 6, 2012

Where to buy Balut- in Pateros of course!

 I love balut!  Its one of my favorite food in the world.  Balut are very substantial and nutritious, and the best part of it- they're cheap!

Balut has taken some bad reputation.  They being high on cholesterol and uric acid.  But my thoughts on those are simple:

Balut is a very basic food- fertilized 17 day old duck egg boiled in water for 30-45 minutes.

 If there is any other food to fear cholesterol or uric acid from, I am sure those are the canned, preserved, ground food swimming in hard-to-pronounce liquid.
 I buy my balut fix in Pateros.  Specifically from Mr Jessie of Sta Martha's Balut Industry.
I tried it elsewhere, but it really won't do.  Here in Jessie's place the balut is EXTREMELY fresh.  You can taste the difference.
They sell them cooked or sariwa ( raw).  Balut or Penoy ( unfertilized boiled duck egg).  Some vendors buy balut  "basag" meaning broken shells.  They are cheaper and equally fresh.

 But I would rather buy the pristine ones.
They also sell these red salted duck eggs which would make a favorite accompaniment to fried bangus       ( milkfish) for breakfast.
I tried to take a photo of balut with my elementary camera ( not SLR type) and this is what I had.  I would compare our humble balut to our sweet durian.  What you see (or smell) might not be what it is.  This might be your best one yet.  Try it first.

Sta Martha's Balut Industry
953 P. Herrera Street, Pateros, Metro Manila
Jessie- 09079595410
Ruel- 09072460825
Balut, Penoy, Salted Egg, Quail Egg
Balut cooked- 11 pesos
Balut raw- 8.50 pesos
Salted duck egg- 8.50

Monday, January 2, 2012

Before weekend markets, there was Carvajal Street in Manila

When I go to Carvajal Street, Binondo, Manila.  I would remember my summer apprenticeship in G&W.  Their office is located in Quintin Paredes, and its a stroll away from food paradise Carvajal Street.

  I used to go there during my lunch hour and look at whats for sale. And my hour would  pass by so quickly.

Quick Snack is the best place  to have my lunch because I cannot have enough of their fried lumpia, kuchai-ah and cha mi.  I admit I'm a sucker for Chinese comfort foods.
This holiday week, we visited Carvajal Street to ogle at these lovely sausages and meatballs.

Before weekend markets,  EVERYDAY is market day here.

These flowers are just perfect decorations for the holidays.
Its a special time to buy these dalandan encrusted mini pineapple home decor.   They are said to bring good fortune this New Year's Day.  Sorry you can't eat them.

We just had our lunch, or else I would have bought these Filipino desserts.  Sapin sapin, Biko, Suman, Pinipig, kutchinta, all on display.
We also found these Taro bulbs.

 During New Year, Taro bulbs are placed on a bowl of uncooked rice with coins and displayed inside the house.

They are meant to welcome the new year that brings forth good harvest or fortune.

Taro bulbs are worth a fortune in itself this time of year and its not meant to be eaten.  Just for decor.