Thursday, March 31, 2011

Formosa Bakery for those sweet bread cravings

I prefer breads to rice. Eating rice three times a day can make me feel so full, so I find that a sandwich for dinner is just right for me.

Breads are also an integral part of snack time for my kids, and I'm always on the lookout for good breads for them.  I cannot settle for those backdoor bakeshop/ sari sari store where they sell breads at 2 pesos each and tasted too sweet.

Good breads require ingredients that costs more and techniques that only experienced bread artisans have perfected.

Recently we visited this bakeshop in Banawe Street, Quezon City where they sell good quality breads.
Formosa Bakery sells what its name implies, Taiwanese- yeast leavened breads, quick breads and cakes.

We tried this BBQ Bread for 48 pesos.    It consists of  puff pastry dough separated by roasted green bell pepper on a stick, slathered with barbeque sauce and topped with seaweed flakes. Yum. Hubby likes it.

 The roasted green pepper are surprisingly not overpowering and tasted sweet.
This heart shaped pink bread  is called a Full Wheat Meal Bread and it costs 55 pesos. It is a combination of strawberry and vanila -yeast leavened bread with a cheesy interior.  Not too expensive considering it being big enough to share.  The combination of cheese and strawberry is ok.  I like that its not sweet.
My kids like this one, they like the gooey cheese inside it.

This one is named Piccachu, and its highly recommended by the shop girl I asked. ( Do not know why its named after a Pokemon) It costs 85 pesos each.  Its sweeter than the strawberry full wheat meal bread but it tasted heavenly!  Bigger than the two other breads I bought.  It is yeast leavened with a sweet crust sprinkled with walnuts.  The taste reminds me of coffee buns.  I bet it will be great with coffee.
I prefer my breads to be yeast leavened.  Its as soft as quick breads and cakes but without the butter and fat.

Formosa Bakery
518 Banawe Street, Brgy Sto Domingo,Quezon City.
Telephone number 5168319

New San Juan Branch opened June 19, 2011
Formosa Bakery
Unit 2 Madison Square Building
#229 Wilson Street, Barangay Greenhills, San Juan City.
Telephone Number 7232039


  1. Nice! I want to visit this since the breads look interesting.

  2. @skysenshi- The store is near retiro from Quezon Avenue. They have a sale starting 8:30 in the evening.

  3. I just stopped by that shop this afternoon. I bought the green onion with pork floss roll for my dad; he absolutely enjoyed it! I also bought these items which were recommended by the staff- corn bread and korean bun. The corn bread was yummy; not so sweet and with a light taste of bits of golden corn. On the other hand the korean bread was chewy but very delicious! Surprisingly it tasted like coconut but the filling had the consisitency of chinese tikoy. Lastly, i bought the pork floss omelette bun- it was a chiffon cake with sweet fluffy cream enclosing some pork floss. It was not what i expected since it had the word omelette. But overall it was pretty interesting- sweet married with savoriness of the pork floss. I will definitely go back for some more pastries and cakes!

  4. That sounds delicious Elvie, love to try them. Formosa Bakery opened another branch in San Juan.
    Good Food makes Happy Days would you agree? :)


    dont you guys smell something buttery upon entering bakeries like breadtalk and this place? think again. i'll be happier alive with my pandesal and ensaymada:)

  6. Really I've tried baking pandesal ( it turned out not so soft).

    Commercial breads have additives that make them softer and retard staling. It goes for all breads.

    When my lola said to not eat so much of the same things and a little goes a long way. It might be a good idea.



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