Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Greedy Monkey- A short story written and illustrated by Brian

 My 8 year old son Brian bought home a little book he made in school, and it's titled "The Greedy Monkey".
It was handwritten, illustrated and completely inspired by a movie we saw in Lantau Island in Hong Kong.

 Once upon a time in the rainforest there was a greedy monkey.  The greedy monkey ordered the other monkeys to give him bananas.  He would say " Give me bananas!"
 The other monkeys asked him, " Can I have some of your bananas?"  He said, "NO!  YOU CAN"T HAVE THESE BANANAS!"

The other monkeys worked for him for several days.  When they got tired of it, they said they quit!  The monkey said "Where are the other monkeys?"
When he found them he said,"Can you please work for me? They said "NO!"  The monkey said, "I will share you my bananas".  They said "OK."  The end....

Sounds like my son will grow up to be a  business manager...  or a people manager- managing people to work for your business.


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