Sunday, March 4, 2012

Adobong Boneless Bangus Belly

 I used to buy bangus (milkfish) from the wet market.    I would choose the fattest bangus, have them take out the scales and the fish bones, and have them cut "daing- style" (butterfly cut).

My favorite part would be the belly with its fatty center. Often, not all the fish bones are perfectly taken out.  And the bangus comes home soft and wilted.

That was before we discovered  Sarangani Bay Prime boneless bangus belly.

Now, we head off to the freezer section of the supermarket and stock up on these favorites.
It takes around 20 minutes to defrost these beauties and another 20 minutes to cook them.

 Easy fast food.

 It comes unsalted, so it is like a blank canvas for me to play with.

I tried them Boiled, Steamed, Broiled,  Fried, and Baked.  I love that they have really fatty belly. Yum.

Here's one of my favorite recipe:

Adobong Boneless Bangus Belly


1 pack 400 gram Bangus Belly- unseasoned
1/2 cup Knorr Seasoning
2 cloves garlic, sliced thinly and fried in oil
3 Tablespoon Rice Vinegar
1 Tablespoon Oyster Sauce
1/4 Cup all purpose flour
pinch of salt and pepper
1 pc finger chili ( optional)

1.  Season bangus with salt and pepper, coat with flour and fry.
2.  In a saucepan, mix together seasoning, oyster sauce, rice vinegar, and fried garlic.  cook in low heat.
3.  Dip fried bangus in warm sauce.
4.  Enjoy!  Easy Peasy! :)

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