Thursday, July 5, 2012

Xuhui Caoheijing Hongruncal Market in Pudong Shanghai

Xuhui Caoheijing Hongruncal market is located in the residential district of Cao Dong Zhi Lu.  It was a stone's throw away from my sister's flat in Shanghai, China.

 And since I really cannot visit a country without first diving into their markets, I find myself waiting at 6 in the morning for the shops to open.

I was a tad too early- it seems.  Shanghai markets opens at 7:00 to 7:30 AM.

 The market is subdivided into 2 floors.  The ground floor houses the wet market selling fish, meat and produce.  And the second floor houses the dry goods, where we can find rice, canned goods and pre marinated- ready to cook- items.

Since Shanghai is famous for their dumplings, I think it only fitting that dumpling wrappers are hand made each day in the market.  These gentlemen are slicing their dumpling wrappers into squares or circles to fit the client's  orders.  They also make their own noodles out of the same dough and slice them very thinly or thickly.

Did you notice the moisture from their pre packed dumpling wrapper?  They were just finishing up at 6 in the morning.  I wonder what time they started making the dough.

 Shanghai dumplings have a chewy texture to them.  Unlike our dumpling wrappers which can be paper thin, theirs are thicker and have more bite to them.

As I went around, I saw these coagulated chicken blood blocks sitting in a water bath.  We used to have chicken blood sautéed in kutchay leaves or swimming in breakfast congee when we were small, So I understood where we would cook these.
But I didn't understand what these were.  This looked like a mound of beans sitting in a trough.  Anybody know what these are? How are they cooked?

These bamboo shoots are so fresh!  They looked like they were just picked from the ground.  I like them sautéed or added in my soup for that fibrous, nutty bite.  Where else other than China can we find such ingredients prepared with LOVE.

I didn't take a picture of the assortment of mushrooms I saw in the market.  But since we visited Shanghai during spring time.  Mushroom were all around the restaurants we went into.  And they were dirt cheap.  I bought 40 pesos worth of  fresh shitake mushroom and it took me 3 days to finish them.

 I think it will be worth visiting Shanghai if only for the mushrooms.

Did I mention that mushrooms are my favorite?

These gigantic garlic stalks can be added to dumplings and pork mince.  They impart a garlicky aroma. They are different from kutchay or green onions. There is a bundle of kutchay beside it.

 It must be garlic stalk harvest season.  They have them everywhere!

Here's the last picture I got from the wet section of the market.  The same familiar vegetable we have here only BIGGER.  The onions are probably 100 grams per bulb.

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