Sunday, September 30, 2012

Manila Bibimbap Recipe

 Lately there seems to be a Korean fad in the restaurants all around the Metro.  I like Korean foods. I like that  the cuisine centers more on vegetables.

This Sunday, I had too much time on my hands.  So I made Bibimbap.  I called this recipe Manila Bibimbap because the- piece de resistance- in this dish would be my favorite COSMOS ASADO.

No, I didn't cook the  asado.  I just bought it in Soler Street, Manila.  From Cosmos Panciteria.

The sauce that would tie this dish into one would be Macjang Sauce:
 The recipe for Macjang Sauce is as follows:
Mix together the following ingredients to taste ( no more cooking) -

1.  Djenjang paste (Korean brown tub of fermented soya bean paste or miso)
2.  Samjang paste (Korean green tub of fermented soya bean paste with chili paste)
3.  Karo syrup or Korean bottle of sugar syrup
4.  Rice vinegar (just a tweak)
5.  minced fresh garlic
6.  Sesame oil

All Korean ingredients can be found in Wang Mart .  They import Korean products that can be found in those leading supermarkets.

The different vegetables that can be added to a Bibimbap would be:

1.  Bean sprouts- sauté in sesame oil and garlic in high heat (to take out the moisture)
 2.  Dried shitake mushroom revived in water and sliced into strips- also sauté in sesame oil, water and garlic

 3.  Straw mushrooms in can, sliced and saute in sesame oil , water and garlic
 4.  Fried beancurd- slice into strip
 5.  Cucumber- sliced thinly

 6.  Julienned carrots- blanched in water

7.  Taiwan petchay- saute in sesame oil and garlic
8. You will need an egg - cooked sunny side up with yolk still runny...


9.  Asado- leave as such, no prep needed.  no picture too :(

Everything goes in a bowl and mix with how much ever Macjang Sauce you prefer and dig in!