Friday, December 24, 2010

To Web check in or not for my Cebu Pacific flight.

So, do I check in on the web or just go to the airport terminal earlier than everybody else?

The standard 3-hours-before-departure airport check in always works for me.

On October 2010, Cebu Pacific introduced the Web check in procedure for those who cannot make it quite so early.

The advantages of web check in are:

1.You only need to be there 45 minutes before your scheduled flight, so less stress...

2. You get to choose wherever seat you want. You will be shown a diagram of the seating arrangement of the aircraft.

3. You can also print your boarding pass at your convenience. So the only thing you need to do upon arrival in the airport is to check in your baggage.

The only down side of the matter is:

1. You will be charged 100 pesos for each seat. Thats 100 pesos for departure and another 100 pesos for arrival, so 200 pesos.

To web check in or not, You decide.

But for those holiday flights wherein the whole of Metro Manila seems to be taking the airplane, better pre check in.

The service is only available 24 hours before your scheduled flight.

Cebu Pacific's holiday 2011 piso fare!

Piso Fare! Sale period: December 25, 2010. Travel period: November 11 to December 11, 2011.

Why not book for that holiday trip a year in advance? You have one whole day to decide. Make up your mind fast!

Cebu Pacific have flights to Kota Kinabalu, Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing, Brunei, Bangkok ,Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur.

The sale goes for GO LITE travellers, which means travellers without check in baggages. If you have check in baggages, you have to pay 100 pesos for it.

As for all Cebu Pacific flights, travel tax of 1620 pesos and airport terminal fees are not included in the piso fare. So its safe to bring roughly 2500 pesos per passenger.

Its true! The early bird really takes the worm, or in this case, saves a lot of money.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just comment and win a Belle De Jour Planner!

Kikay. exchange is giving away 2 Belle De Jour Planners for answering the following questions:
1. What will you most remember about 2010?
2. What do you wish to accomplish in 2011?

They will also be giving away 2 Campus BDJs
And 2 Navi Planners...

Planners Galore! Belle De Jour retails at Php 585 pesos, and you can get them only this time of the year until supplies last.
Your Belle De Jour Planner also serves as a ticket to that coveted all-girls party. ( with lots of fun and prizes to be won!) See
Check their site and win those Belle De Jour ,girl!

Big Holiday Outlet Sale in SMX

Are you a BPI Credit Card Owner? Good for you! Just bring your credit card to SMX Convention Center on December 17 to 20, and avail of these brand's 80 % off sale.

You might need to go there earlier though, I predict a queue outside the parking entrance.

I haven't done my Christmas shopping yet, I've been waiting for my son's vacation, so this sale is just meant for me!