Saturday, July 7, 2012

Xuhui Caoheijing Hongruncal Market in Shanghai 2

Some more pictures of the Xuhui Caoheijing Market in Shanghai.  The Philippines has abundant seafood, so when I saw this woman selling clams, I wasn't as impressed.  We have more variety.  
I was a little intrigued and shocked that I saw a guinea pig in the wet section of the market.  How are these done? steamed? fried? boiled.  When I asked the lady seller beside it, she said:

 " That's just for playing"  Whew!  What a relief! I don't think I would try them anyway they are done.

I saw this shop selling pre marinated fresh meat and seafood on the second floor.  Think of it like shabu shabu ingredients that can be bought in the market.  Great Idea!

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