Friday, October 28, 2011

Share tea buy one take one promo!

Share tea branch located in P Guevarra Street, San Juan is having a grand opening sale of buy one take one.

Shucks! If I'd only known, I could have waited for this promo.

Every small or large tea you buy, you'll be given a same sized free tea! Choices of free tea are: Wintermelon with jelly strip, Taiwan milk tea, or Rock salt cheese with oolong or green tea.

Promo runs from October 28, Friday to October 30, Saturday.

Did you notice the variety of tea stores in that part of San Juan? Reminds me of the mushrooming shawarma stalls in the nineties. As of last count, there are 5 stores all within a 100 meter radius of each other. Tea tap, Serenitea, Bubble tea, Cha time and most recently Share Tea.

We noticed that on the first day of this promo, all of the tea drinkers must be in Share tea. Because the other stores are unusually quiet.

No, I don't drink tea much.

So far in Share tea, I tried their winter melon tea with jelly strip, Taiwan milk tea, qq family milk tea, and aloha fruit tea.

My favorite is the qq family milk tea with it's variety of jelly, pearls, beans, and pudding. I paid 105 pesos for a large sized qq family milk tea.


  1. Hi! Do you have an email address where I can send you a private message regarding milk tea drinks? Thanks!

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