Saturday, January 8, 2011

Nano Blocks! So cute!

My 8 year old son Brian just loves Lego, so its no wonder he decides to buy this cute Nano Block toy of Kinkaku-ji Temple (The Temple of Golden Pavilion, Kyoto) as his first honor's gift.

Enclosed in the box is an instruction sheet and different colored blocks all very tiny. It took him one hour to finish this temple:

So Cute! Complete with tiny trees and miniature windows! We labelled it and displayed it on top of the fridge.

We liked it so much that we went out and brought two more,

La Sagrada Familia in Spain. Built by Antoni Gaudi. And,

Mont Saint Michel (or Saint Michael's Mount built on a rocky island in France)

Now we got a piece of Japan, France and Spain on top of our fridge to look at everyday. :)


  1. Kinkaikuji Temple in Kyoto is so awe-inspiring Ken and Kei were actually mesmerized by it :)

  2. Oh, wow! Those are really nice! And I didn't expect them to be so small. XD

  3. @rowena- We were supposed to visit that temple in Japan last year, but it was under renovation and not open to the public.

    @skysenshi- Sayang nga. We saw lots more designs in HK but didn't thought of buying. 900 pesos kasi dun. dito 700 pesos.

  4. where did you buy this nanoblocks?

  5. Where did you buy this nanoblocks? And how much does it cost? Thank you.

    1. Hi Vina! We bought our blocks from Hobbes and Landes at the Podium. But recently, we noticed that there aren't much choices left. There are only the small animals and musical instruments. No more buildings.


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