Friday, September 23, 2011

Have you seen cheese this big?

Have you seen cheese this big?  I thought I died and went to cheese heaven.  I admit I'm a cheese-aholic.  Salty, nutty, smelly, and gooey cheese is one of my favorite ingredients to play with in my kitchen.  What stops me from finishing that humongous block of cheese is the fat that goes along with it. 
This is a picture of the RELIEF in the ceiling of St Peter's abbey church in Salzburg, Austria.  "Relief"  is defined as a sculptural technique wherein the sculpted material has been raised above the plane (a flat surface).  I might guess that it took at least a lifetime  (or two) for the sculptor to painstakingly carve this work of art.
In our world of hurried  deadlines, wherein a 2  storey- 200 square meter bungalow should only take 8 months to construct.  It inspires me to stop and look at what the human spirit can achieve if we aren't so hurried.

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